Fat Kids Who Can’t Die

Fat Kids Who Can’t Die is a competitive multiplayer game created for CS 4455 – Game Design. The game was created by a team of students using the unity game engine. The game revolves around a group of immortal blubbery kids who really REALLY want some ham, and they will stop at nothing to get it. Battle the other fat kids to earn your right to dine on honey glazed decadence.

If just rolling isn’t getting you anywhere grab  a snack to get a power up such as:

  • Jello that lets you jump into the air
  • Rock candy that turns your body to stone causing other kids to bounce off of you
  • A sweat drop to leave a slippery puddle on the floor
  • A taco that gives a boost to your rear propulsion
  • Down a flaming bottle of hot sauce to leave a fire trail in your wake
  • Ham (not honey glazed so it’s just not as awesome) that gives you a devastating dash attack
  • A bucket of lard to expand your size to gargantuan proportions

*Link to the game COMING SOON (ideally by the end of today).

**Networking is supported, but we are still working on getting a server set up for the game. You can do multiplayer on a local network though.

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